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Sun 16 Jun 2019

Arabic Course

Arabic Course - Which Level Am I?

The Criteria for each level: Pre Level 1

  • This level is for complete beginners, who do not know the Arabic alphabet.
  • You do not need previous experience of Arabic to access this pre level 1 course.
  • By the end of this short preparation course, students will have memorised the alphabet, bringing you closer to learning Fusha.
  • How to recognise the letters when they are present in the beginning, middle and end of a word.
  • How letters will be demonstrated in different words.
Level 1 - Beginner:

  • You will need to have a clear understanding of the Arabic alphabet, knowing each letter and how to pronounce it.
  • A basic understanding of simple words will also be helpful for students taking the level 1 course.
  • Helpful if students are able to recognise basic words and phrases.
Level 2 - Elementary

  • This level requires students to have an understanding of reading short, simple texts.
  • Students are familiar with how to handle short social exchanges.
  • You can write short passages.
  • Students can understand the basic meaning of spoken scenarios.
Level 3 - Pre-Intermediate

  • Students can understand most of Arabic used in a professional scenario.
  • Students can understand how to utilise the Arabic language if needed when travelling for basic interactions.
  • Making connections between phrases to describe an experience or event.
  • Students can highlight the plot or moral of a film or book briefly and describe their feelings towards it.
  • Students can write simple connected texts.
Level 4 - Intermediate

  • Students can understand extended speeches and lectures.
  • Being able to understand contemporary pieces of work, like a news article for example.
  • Understanding contemporary literacy proses.
  • Students can interact with a sense of fluency with native Arabic speakers.
  • Students are able to take part in conversations in Arabic.
  • Being able to describe different subject interests and can explain a view point of an issue, giving both advantages and disadvantages of this.
  • Being able to write a short essay style text relating to the students interests and giving reasons for support.
  • Students are also able to highlight personal significance of an event or experience.
Speaking class

This class is for students who have previously studied Arabic before but currently have lack confidence in speaking fluently. The main focus will be on reading, speaking and understanding which will be taught by looking at selected texts and dialogues highlighting everyday language. Through this students will be able to develop their communication skills in Arabic. The aim is to create a comfortable atmosphere, where students are not afraid to speak or make mistakes, and enjoy communicating with the teacher and other students.

You are welcome to attend our open day on Sunday 2nd September from 12noon to 5pm to meet the teachers and take a short test to assess your level

For Further Information about the Best Suited Level for you, email us at education@iccuk.org

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