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Tue 14 Aug 2018

'How To Pray' Course for Beginners - Salah - Online Registration Page

Day of Course The 'How to Pray Course' will be structured in 90 minute Sessions and will repeat every month.
You are permitted to attend the course more then once.

You should attend all the lessons for completion of the full course.
Register online for the course below.

Course Dates The How to Pray Course will stop during the month of Ramadan, watch this space for the next course dates... There is no Salah Course in August, please watch this space for the next dates..

Course Code: EU/NMSC1
Location Security Team will direct you to the class
Admission: Free
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Course Summary:

A new course on Saturdays tailored for new muslims or those who wish to learn How to Pray from the beginning.

Each 90 minute sessiom teaches the theory, with practical demonstrations of the corresponding actions. The necessary wording and pronounciation would be taught with homework between each session, and revision during the sessions.

No previous knowledge is required. There are very limited spaces per class and the course will be structred in three Saturday Sessions and will repeat every month.

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The course will be structred in three 90 minute Sessions on Saturdays and will repeat every month.

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How To Pray - Salah Course
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