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Sun 24 Mar 2019

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Certificate of competence in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers

Do you want to become a qualified Arabic teacher in just 4 months?

Join our training course!

A training course to obtain the "Certificate of competence in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers"

The International Centre for Educational Training (CIFOP) in cooperation with the Islamic Cultural Centre - London are organising a training course for Arabic teachers in the United Kingdom, in order to prepare them for a certificate of competence in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.

The training course, scheduled for:

14th - 16th July 2018, at the Islamic Cultural Centre - London.

The program runs until the end of October 2018 via distant learning technology, for which purpose CIFOP has developed a dedicated platform.

Objectives of the training programme:

This specialised training programme, leading to a Competency Certificate, aims to:
  1. Provide the teacher with basic principles in the science of education and pedagogy, as well as educational skills and methods of teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers.
  2. Define the most prominent challenges associated with teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers and helping to overcome them.
  3. Train theoretically and practically on good lesson presentation and presentation of materials using interactive and practical methods.
  4. Help teachers to invest in modern educational methods and methodological mechanisms in order to succeed in this field.
  5. Learn the best methods of assessment and testing, and training on how to prepare tests by adopting accurate scientific standards.
  6. Encourage teachers to be innovative, talented, and creative and to undertake continuous self-development.
  • The main modules in this training programme are:

    • Arabic language schools in the West and improving the quality of education.
    • Methodological and theoretical specificities related to teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.
    • Curriculum Components: Content / Objectives / Methods / Means / Assessment / Support.
    • Textbook on teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers: Basic characteristics and standards. 'The Arabic Facilitator Series - Granada Foundation' as a model.
    • Investment in modern technology and multimedia in order to facilitate the teaching of Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.
    • Methods of Teaching Arabic Language: Reading, Speaking, Writing, Spelling, Grammar
    • Monitoring, evaluation and grading system.

    Educational aspects related to the training programme:

    This programme begins with an intensive training course over 3 days, during which one of the experts of the International Centre for Educational Training will present a number of lectures and practical lessons, covering the most important topics (4 sessions per day).

    Participants are then enrolled in the distant learning platform for three months to ensure the continuity of the training process and prepare them to pass the final tests.

    The International Centre for Educational Training, through its distant learning platform, provides a variety of training materials (audiovisual lessons / texts and selected studies / application notes / tests etc.).

    Conditions for obtaining a Certificate of Competence:

    - Commitment to attend the training course (3 days at a rate of 7 hours per day).

    - Prepare a brief report on an applied lesson in an Arabic language course that addresses some of the difficulties that a teacher may encounter in the classroom and how to deal with it.

    - The completion of a research thesis (up to 20 pages) related to an educational or pedagogical issue, under the supervision of an expert of the International Centre.

    - Pass the final exam and obtain a mark of at least 10 out of 20.

    Key information of the course:

    - Main programme that requires physical attendance: 14th, 15th and 16th July 2018 (20 hours).

    - Full duration of the training programme: Four months.

    - Place: The Islamic Cultural Centre in London.

    - Final test: the second week of October 2018.

    - Number of participants: between 10 and 15 participants.

    - Each participant is required to pay £800 before the start of the programme in order to access the various services provided.


    Please click on the button below to make your payment of £800

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