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Mon 20 May 2019

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What to do When a Muslim Dies & The Importance of an Islamic Will

Date: Friday 15 March 2019
Time: 6.30pm - 9pm
Speakers: Nishtar Saleem - Solicitor - Director of Saracens Law Firm
Hajj Ahmad Thomson - Barrister - Wynne Chambers & Author on Islamic Wills

As Muslims we have an obligation that Allah has bestowed upon us to ensure we have a Will in place prior to our death. Making a Will is something that we often delay in our minds as we do not want to think about our inevitable death. It is essential to have an Islamic Will, which ensures that your wealth is distributed as prescribed in the Quran.

Hajj Ahmad Thomson
Hajj Ahmad Thomson is a leading barrister and the head of Wynne Chambers. He specializes in the law relating to wills, Islamic law amongst other topics. He is considered a leading authority on drafting Islamic wills. He was a co-founder of the Association of Muslim Lawyers and author of numerous books of which one titled: The Islamic Will.

Nishtar Saleem
Nishtar Saleem - Solicitor. Co Founder & Director of Saracens Law Firm. Nishtar is a co-founder and director of Saracens Law Firm. A graduate of University College London, Nishtar is an expert in litigation, disputes & contentious law. Heading a team of lawyers specialising in national & international dispute resolution and enjoying a particular niche in defamation law.

The Importance of an Islamic Will
Death is an inevitable part of life but it is easy to push this to the back of your mind and let the task of writing a Will fall to the wayside. From a Shariah prospective the correct distribution of ones assets is a compulsory obligation (Fard) on a Muslim.

If you die without a Will your estate will be distributed according to English intestacy law. These rules do not cater for your Islamic beliefs and principles of estate distribution making it very important that you have a Will written up which complies with both your Islamic obligations whilst also being legally valid under UK law.

This event will go through the religious aspects of what to do when a Muslim dies and also how to draft an Islamic Will and its Importance.

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