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Mon 20 May 2019

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Dr. Ahmad Al Dubayan receives 'Person of the Year 2019' Award

3 March 2019

The club announced the selection of Dr. Ahmad Al Dubayan, Director General of the Islamic Cultural Center & The London Central Mosque, as the Person of the year 2019 in recognition of his efforts to introduce Islam, promote dialogue programs, interfaith work and promotion of moderation .

Dr Al Dubayan gave a speech in which he thanked the Cultural Attache and the Saudi Media Club for their recognition and appreciation. He pointed out that the media industry has evolved to become a tool for the marketing of 'thought and opinion' industry and has become an effective global weapon.

He stressed the readiness of the 'Islamic Cultural Center for Cooperation as an institution dealing with diverse cultural, intellectual, educational, religious and dialogue programs and deal with the Arab and Islamic communities and represents the Council of Ambassadors of Islamic countries.'

He concluded by thanking the Media Club and all its colleagues in the Saudi attache.

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