Mon 26 Jun 2017


The stated time is Adhan time and Iqamah will be about 10 minutes after Adhan.

This Friday 23 June 2017, the Khutba will be delivered by:

Sheikh Khalifa Ezzat

Subject: Lessons from Ramadan

--> Friday Jummah Azaan: 1.08pm
Sermon / Khutba starts: 1:25pm
Prayer Ends: 2:00 pm

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Latest News

The London Book Fair was hosted at Earls Court on 15-17 April 2013

The London Book Fair was hosted at Earls Court on Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th April 2013. This year the main focus at the Fair was on Turkey as they sponsored the international event this year. The Turkish Ambassador to the United Kingdom is also Trustee of the London Central Mosque Trust.

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the co-operation of the British Council organised a range of exciting events, including a stand on traditional Islamic book-binding, Ebru art and a gallery display of beautifully illustrated Ottoman maps and other rare works.

There were over 100 countries represented at the Book Fair. The London Central Mosque Trustees which are ambassadors from a number of Muslim countries were well represented at the fair, such as UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Oman to name a few.

There were academic Islamic publishers from the UK, including Kube Publishers. It was a great opportunity for publishers, authors and anyone associated with the book industry to network and learn about the state of the art.

The 3 days were packed with talks and seminars on educational topics and workshops on e-publishing and latest applications. There were poetry sessions and opportunities to meet and listen to authors talk about their books. The Fair had a huge section devoted to Children's publications and Translations.

Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan, the Direcotr General of the London Central Mosque & The Islamic Cultural Centre said it was very important to present the rich history and culture of Muslim nations through books and literature and that the Library at the Islamic Cultural Centre which holds over 30,000 books reflected this with its rich array of books in many languages from all over the world.