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Thu 25 Apr 2019

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Council of Imams and Rabbis Visit to Srebrenica

Council of Imams and Rabbis Visit to Srebrenica

15-17 May 2016

Head Imam, Sheikh Khalifa Ezzat of The London Central Mosque was part of a delegation of the Joseph Interfaith Foundation's cooperation with the Srebrenica Commission, a group of 10 members of the National Council of Imams and Rabbis visited Srebrenica, the site of the first genocide on European soil since World War II.

The genocide in Srebrenica happened 21 years ago when General Ratko Mladic and his forces systematically murdered over 8,372 Bosnian Muslims.

This is the first time that such a high level of senior Imams and Rabbis are visiting Srebrenica together.
The aim of the visit is to raise the awareness of the genocide, to help to create a better society free from hatred and enmity because of religion, ethnicity or colour; to teach the community about the danger of hatred and importance of tolerance and coexistence; and to encourage the community to visit and raise funds for the charity and help more people to visit Srebrenica.

The name of the delegates who visited Srebrenica are:

1. Mehri Nicknam
2. Sh. Khalifa Ezzat
3. Imam Qari Asim, Imam of Leeds Central Mosque
4. Imam Abdullah Hassan
5. Imam Abdul-Qayyum
6. Sh. Sayyed Ali Razawi
7. Rabbi Colin Eimer
8. Rabbi Jason Kleiman
9. Rabbi Danny Rich
10. Joel Salmon

Prayers at the Cemetery

The group visited The "Wall of Remembrance" lists the names of the Srebrenica victims

Group with a representative of "Mothers of Srebrenica"

Meeting with British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina - Edward Ferguson

The Central Mosque (Bay Mosque), the oldest mosque in Bosnia built by the Ottomans

Sh Khalifa also visited King Fahd Central Mosque in Sarajevo which is one of the biggest Centre in the country and met the Imam Sh. Abdul Majid Al-Ghayth.

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