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Latest News - 24 Jun 2018

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Teacher Training Course organsied by The Islamic Cultural Centre Titled: 21st Century Pedagogy for the Millennial Generation

21st Century Pedagogy for the Millennial Generation

The Islamic Cultural Centre hosted a full day teacher training day, held on Sunday 30th October 2016.

The course was composed and delivered by Fatima Khaled, Sarah Cartwright, Hawaa Budraa and Zaynab Hamdi. In a growing climate of Islamophobia and misinterpretation of the Quran there is an essential need to improve the way Arabic is taught to Muslim youth. Muslim youth are not equipped with a proficient level of Arabic, and to remedy this, the standard of teaching must be improved.

The teacher training course looked at tapping into innovative methods of teaching that are engaging, interactive, and fun to provide a higher standard of teaching for our Muslim youth, and develop within them, a love for the Arabic language.

Fatima Khaled is the head teacher of award winning supplementary peace school and certified examiner for Arabic GCSE and A Level. She is currently working with Goldsmiths university on innovative methods of teaching Arabic. Sarah Cartwright is a professional language teacher with over 30 years of experience, and trains language teachers at the London Metropolitan University.

Over 90 teachers from 15 Supplementary Arabic schools took part of the event and benefited from the following seminars:

1. What are the ingredients of good language teaching?
2. Classroom management and behaviour management.
3. Creative and innovative methods of teaching Arabic.
4. Hybrid identity of Muslim youth

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