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Statement and Guidance relating to Burial of the deceased - Statement by The Lord Sheikh

Covid 19 and Muslim Burials -

Friday 8 April 2020

The matter of burial of our deceased is causing us all a great deal of concern and this concern is heightened in the knowledge that there will be increase of people who will die in the coming weeks.

The Lord Sheikh has written the following article which The Islamic Cultural Centre has helped promote to over 750 Mosques throughout the United Kingdom.

As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu

We are facing the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused devastation and upheaval in the lives of people all over the world.

One of the issues which is causing anxiety and distress amongst the Muslims relates to burial of our deceased. With the help of Muslim Parliamentarians the Coronavirus Bill was altered which will ensure that cremations of our dead do not take place.

According to our belief a deceased person needs to be buried and under no circumstances the body can be cremated.

Death in any family causes distress and this distress is aggravated if the burial of the deceased person is not undertaken quickly.

The matter of Coronavirus pandemic is indeed frightening the community generally and our brothers and sisters who are at the sharp end and undertaking the commendable work of funeral and burial may perhaps need guidance for their wellbeing.

We understand that some mosques and funeral directors have apprehensions relating to the burials and we are stating below appropriate guidance which you perhaps find helpful and wish to follow.

  1. The deceased's body will normally be received by the individual(s) undertaking the burial in a body bag. The body bag will be zipped up and it is our recommendation that the body bag should not be opened. We feel that the wet Ghusl need not be undertaken and some renowned scholars have said so. The Tayammum can be performed on the body bag.

  2. If it is felt that Ghusl should be undertaken then great caution should be exercised and only person(s) wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should undertake this task.

  3. It is also the view of Scholars that shroud i.e Kafan is not necessary but if it is felt that this needs to be undertaken then the Kafan can be placed around the body bag.

  4. The deceased's body in the bag can be taken directly to the cemetery either in a Kafan or wood casket/coffin.

  5. The number of friends and relatives of the deceased should be kept to an absolute minimum of say no more than 5 persons.

  6. Namaz e Janazah can be performed at the cemetery perhaps at a distance or performed on the graveside. Social distancing must be exercised as much as possible.

  7. The scholars also believe that Namaz e Janazah can be performed at home.

  8. If a Mosque or a Funeral Director needs help in regard to acquisition of PPE then they can contact local Hospital or NHS helpline.

  9. If you have capacity and are able to perform more burials then it will be extremely helpful if you can share this vital information with neighbouring Mosques as they could possibly be encountering problems relating to the issues.

  10. In these difficult circumstances it is important that the community works together to deal with the sensitive but important issue of burials and we can achieve this by being positive and work hand in hand to combat the problems arising from this unprecedented pandemic.

The Lord Sheikh

The Lord Sheikh is a Conservative Peer in the House of Lords since June 2006.

Link to an Article on The Lord Sheikh on the Coronavirus Bill in the House of Lords by Dr. Mozammel Haque

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