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Thu 02 Jul 2020

11 Dhu'l Qa'da' 1441 AH













The stated time is the Adhan time.

The Iqamah will be 10 minutes later.

Friday Jummah Azaan: 1.10

Sermon / Khutba starts: 1:25pm

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News Updates

For Your Safety, The Mosque is currently closed due to the Corona Pandemic

Maintenance of the biggest chandelier in the whole of the UK

26 June 2020
Even though the London Central Mosque has been closed for prayers, we have been very busy with building works within the grounds of the Centre.
Some of the works currently ongoing include maintenance and cleaning of the largest chandelier in the UK.
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London Central Mosque's - Feeding those in need project

During Ramadan this year the Islamic Cultural Centre and The London Central Mosque started a food project to feed those in need during these difficult times.
The aim was to provide food and essentials to people experiencing hardship and crisis, with its main focus being on communities across central, north and northwest London.
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Calls for the Government to provide clarity on congregational prayers

11 June 2020
Recent Government guidance is allowing places of worship to reopen for 'individual' worship from 15 June 2020. Whilst this may be appropriate for some faiths, it does not take in to account that congregational prayers are the main act of worship within a Mosque..
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Advice Regarding Burial of the Deceased

- Washing and Burying the Deceased during the Pandemic Disease >>

- Statement and Guidance relating to Burial of the deceased - by The Lord Sheikh >>

- Lord Sheikh on the Coronavirus Bill in the House of Lords >>


Government & Stakeholder Advice

- GOV UK Guidelines with Question & Answers >>

- NHS Advice for Communities >>

- Public Health England - Guidance on social distancing in UK >>


Get Involved!

Dedicate your precious time and energy in serving our community. Volunteer with us today and bring a range of skills, expertise and experience that help enhance the services at The Islamic Cultural Centre.



As we adjust to life in lockdown, many vulnerable in our community need help to get essential supplies. Our staff and volunteers are delivering every day, may Allah reward them and keep them safe.

Please help us to buy the food needed, we'll do our very best to reach as many people as possible, insha-Allah.



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