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04 Oct 2022

New Arabic Calligraphy 8 Week Course

The ICC in partnership with Yunus Emre Institute – London, are pleased to announce the start of an Arabic Calligraphy course.

Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy:

Naskh Script = خط النسخ

With Mrs. Gulnaz Fatima Mahboob

Duration: 8 weeks Course, 3 hours per week.

Day and time: Sunday from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm.

Cost: £250 (materials included)

Start date: Sunday 15th May 2022

If you have any questions; please email or call 0207 725 2210

Certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the course.

Terms and Conditions

  • The London central Mosque cannot accept any responsibility for unforeseen changes in students' circumstances that may prevent their attendance for all or part of a course.
  • No refunds can be given for classes not attended.
  • Fees are not refundable once you have attended the first lesson.
  • Please note that, in the event whereby a class has to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, such as adverse weather conditions, the replacement class may have to take place on a different day.
  • Classes will be small in size in order to maintain a high standard of teaching.
  • Certificates will be given upon completion of the full course.
  • Places cannot be reserved in advance without payment.
I Accept the Terms & Conditions

Course Description (Click to learn more..)

The course is run by Mrs Gulnaz Fatima Mahboob, a qualified teacher and Islamic Calligrapher (hattat= خطاط), authorized and classically trained in Istanbul by the renowned Grand Master Hasan Ҫelebi.

The short course introduces you to the highest form of Islamic art( Hüsnühat=حسن الخط ) the practice of beautiful writing according to the Ottoman School. This is a practical introduction to Islamic/Arabic calligraphy and provides participants a step-by-step guide to writing the Arabic letters in the Naskh script. The script is mainly used to copy the Glorious Qur’an since the Abbasid time in Baghdad. The Ottoman Calligraphers labelled Naskh, Khadim al-Quran = خادم القرآن = Servant of the Quran.

Students will be shown how to construct each letter through basic strokes and learn the traditional practice, tools and materials used for Hüsnühat.. You will be encouraged to explore and experiment with the relevant tools, learn to cut and prepare a traditional reed qalam = قلم = calligraphy pen, analyse the proportions for each letter, practice the pen angles from thick to thin strokes and progress through shapes to write out letters.

The course is designed to be more accessible in learning Islamic calligraphy. The instruction and the education is traditional but the teacher includes extra exercises to help students understand the practice quicker. She has a number of handouts, she works with student habits and techniques as well as watching them write and correcting them. She works closely with them to build confidence and hope.

The course is open to people of all abilities and backgrounds including those who have an interest in writing. No knowledge of written or spoken Arabic is required. Participants with prior experience of calligraphy can attend.


Who is Gulnaz Mahboob (Click to learn more..)
Gulnaz Fatima Mahboob is a qualified Islamic/Arabic Calligrapher (hattat), authorised to teach and classically trained by the renowned Turkish Master Calligrapher Hasan Çelebi (الخطاط حسن شلبي).

She lives in London and teaches privately and at various institutions, which include The Yunus Emre Institute London, The Prince's Foundation of Traditional Arts and Leighton House Museum.

She began her training in Islamic calligraphy in 2005 when she took a career break and journeyed to Malaysia to reconnect with sacred art. During this journey she was re-routed to Istanbul, the centre of learning for Arabic, Islamic calligraphy, and other traditional arts. In Istanbul she was introduced to her Master Hasan Çelebi and started her classical training in the riqa,( الرقعة ) thuluth(خط الثلث) naskh script (خط النسخ) under his direct instruction. She continued her training whilst living and working in the UK. In 2009 Gulnaz resigned from her position and relocated to Istanbul to fully immerse herself in the learning.

In 2012 she was awarded the Ijazet ( إجازة ) in the thuluth and naskh scripts according to the latest Ottoman tradition. Having received her Ijazet she has become part of a continuum that is more than 10 centuries of calligraphic tradition and thus a transmitter of this living tradition in the UK.

Gulnaz has concentrated on teaching and has successfully designed and delivered courses and workshops throughout the country. Her courses are tailored to the needs of the audience and introduces classical calligraphy (Hüsnühat) according to the Ottoman School of writing.

Her courses provide participants a step-by-step guide to writing the Arabic letters and introduce the traditional practice, tools and materials used for Hüsnühat, which include learning to cut and prepare a traditional reed qalam – calligraphy pen, analyse the proportions for the Arabic letters, practice the pen angles from thick to thin strokes and progress through shapes to write out letters.

Gulnaz holds a master’s in social Anthropology from SOAS, University of London. Her background in anthropology will offer a fresh perspective on what is a dynamic bond that is established between the student, the master, the letters, and the repetitive practices. Her courses look at the inherent practices that lend themselves to promote positive qualities like clarity and stability in oneself.




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