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02 Oct 2023

Upcoming Seminar Invitation - Online Registration Form

Umdatul-Fiqh by Shaykh Khalid al-Mushayqih (Free 3 Day Seminar)

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Learn the Fiqh of Zakat, Sawm and Hajj from the classical text in Hanbali Fiqh 'Umdatul-Fiqh of Ibn Qudamah.

This text, taught widely in institutions of learning in the Muslim world, serves as an excellent foundation for a student of knowledge and is suitable for followers of all Madhabs (legal schools) due to the references to the primary sources of revelation, Quran and Sunnah.

Date: Sat 4th May - 10am - 6pm
Sun 5th May - 10am - 6pm
Mon 6th May - 10am - 4pm
Location: London Central Mosque & The Islamic Cultural Centre
146 Park Road, London, NW8 7RG

This event has a strict no child policy // The seminar is available as an online option (the online option will be sent after it has been recorded and edited)

The 3 day seminar is Free.

Online Registration - Free

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