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Tue 28 Sep 2021

London Central Mosque School End of year party

17 July 2021  

The LCM Weekend School had organised the end of Year celebrations on Saturday the 10th of July 2021, from 12 noon to 2 pm at King Fahad Academy. All classes performed and showed off their skills. It was exciting and fully engaging event, which both students and staff had immensely enjoyed. Unfortunately, this year parents did not participate in the event due to public guidelines regarding the covid-19.

At the end of the entertainment programme, the following commendations were handed out to various children:

  • 39 commendations to the three highest achievers in each class.
  • 13 commendations to best memorisation of the Holy Quran in each class.
  • 13 commendations to best memorisation of the Hadith in each class.
  • 39 commendations to the winners in the culture competition.
The children 'turn-out was excellent and the contents of the classes' contributions were very good due to intensive preparation and better organisation. The feedback received was outstanding.

Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan the Director General of The ICC participated in the event and gave a short talk. He addressed the students, congratulating them on their outstanding efforts this academic year. Dr Ahmad also thanked the parents for their continued support of the school, especially during the lockdown and for ensuring their children are educated in the Arabic language. He ended with thanking the teachers for their incredible efforts in helping the children reach and surpass their expected grades. Dr Ahmad hoped for the continued support of the Arabic School from The King Fahad Academy.

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