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Fri 28 Jan 2022

Qurbani Payments Securely Online - July 2021


Click on the links below to make a Qurbani payment

Morocco £150 Sheep Checkout
Rohingya £57 Share of Cow
£400 Whole Cow Checkout

Palestine £215 Share of Cow
£350 Sheep
Pakistan £499 Cow
£99 Sheep or Goat Checkout

The cost includes the purchasing of the animal and the slaughter and distribution of the meat to the poor and needy.

Additionally, the meat of the sacrificed animal will be distributed to Madrasas, Masjids, Orphanage and poor students. Please donate generously for this cause, even a small amount can make a big difference. May Allah accept it from you, and help you, as you have helped your brothers and sisters across the Globe, Ameen.

An example from previous years' Qurbani distribution

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