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Tue 26 Oct 2021
Clarity on false rumours regarding the date of Eid ul Fitr 2011

5th September 2011

There have been false rumours circulating over the internet and media that Eid ul Fitr was celebrated on the wrong date and that the sighting of the new moon was incorrect. It seems that one falsely written article designed to show disunity amongst the ummah and also to discredit the Saudi Arabian Government has been repeated and circulated by many websites and forums without any proof or authority given on where the news originated. The Saudi Governments official website states the date to be the 7th Shawwal 1432 Hijri on the 5th of September 2011 which correctly equates that Eid was celebrated on the correct date of Tuesday 30th August 2011.

To clarify:

  • Eid ul Fitr was celebrated on the correct date: Tuesday 30th August 2011
  • All media articles pertaining to the Saudi Government admitting to making any such mistake are completely false
  • The Saudi Government has not paid 1 Billion Rayal in Kufara also stated by false news articles

The misunderstanding could have arisen from Umm al Qura's official website as it states it is the 8th Shawwal on the 5th September 2011 which is one day ahead of the Hijri date. This website clearly states on its homepage that they calculate the month by the technical birth of the new moon . The introduction on the website goes on to state that this does cause confusion during Eid. As it is well known that Eid is declared on the actual physical sighting of the lunar crescent by the naked eye which is the correct method for declaring Eid and NOT by the birth of the new moon.

Allah says in the Quraan, O you who believe. When a faasiq comes to you with news and tidings, investigate thoroughly. (Surah Hujuraat).

If you still have any doubts about Saudi Arabia's decision about Eid then contact Saudi embassies directly or review the Saudi government official sites. Do not believe the lies of fake websites and false sources.

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