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01 Jul 2022

ICC Reference Library

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Mission and Philosophy
The ICC Reference Library inspires, empowers, and strengthens our community providing a quiet learning environment. Also, to enrich their understanding by facilitating access to books and literature that cover most of subject classification with emphasis on theology of Islam. The Library will facilitate services in a professional and impartial manner, regardless of users' gender, race, or religious background. The Library will be a quiet study environment except when special events and activities are announced and often happen after the library quiet hours.

General Guidelines
Those who are in charge of the library will seek to provide the best service possible governed by the ‘ICC Library Policy and Regulations’ which are mentioned below. Priority of services is given to patrons on site, and on a first come first served basis. The Library will be for reference only and it is designed to be a quiet study place for the acquisition of learning and building up understanding and knowledge for research students and enthusiasts.

Computer Use Policy
There will be a dedicated terminal providing access to the OPAC online catalogue ( and some other research services. The ICC Reference Library will not provide laptops or computer facilities for students or individuals doing serious research, however, the Library will facilitate a Wi-Fi connection free of charge and that must be used within the limits of the Library's Internet rules, also mentioned below. The Library will not have printing or photocopying services.

The library staff do not translate full-text documents, but will provide translations for specific words or phrases as part of the information dissemination duty. Therefore, users do not expect such translation service at the library, but they should seek professional means for that. The librarian will not provide proof-reading assistance.

Data Collection and Evaluation
Surveys will be carried out to collect data for the evaluation of library service overall performance. The statistics are compiled at the end of the year for the library performance report; however, the procedure will maintain that participants' names will be anonymous. Library users will be asked to sign in and sign out using an electronic device. This will help the librarian to understand the rate of library visitors and whether they are university students, academic or amateur researchers.

General Practices
Priority of service is given to patrons on site, and on a first come first served basis; at busy times it may be necessary to provide some basic service to the patrons and get back to them for more assistance when time allows; this will guarantee equal share of library staff duties at the ICC library.

Questions received via telephone, email or other electronic means, or surface mail will be answered in a timely manner. Social media sites that are created by the ICC library will be limited to the dissemination of information related to the library stock and will not reflect the opinion of the Librarian nor the Islamic Cultural Centre Director General and other departments.

No Food and No Hot Drinks
No food and drinks will be allowed in the Library as well as hot drinks. Therefore it is expected from library users to eat and drink outside the library premises, although soft drinks such as water will be allowed as long as it’s secured with a lid. It is also important to stress that the users are fully responsible for their property during their stay at the library. There will be a limited number of storage cabinets available.

Our values
We are guided by certain values here at our professional practice. The following values are expressed eloquently and carefully thought of to reflect the Mission and Philosophy of the ICC library.

  • We facilitate access to library resources to all ICC library users

  • We cultivate mutual respect; everyone has much to learn and contribute.

  • We celebrate diversity and act against racism, social discrimination of any kind.

  • We value and protect privacy for our community and ourselves.

  • We let our actions speak for us.

  • We are driven by integrity, trust, creativity, and openness.
We are ICC Reference Library

Prepared by Ziyad Wanis
ICC Library Manager & Librarian

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