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14 Apr 2024

End of Year Reception and Community Engagement Evening 2016

Wednesday 14th December 2016

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The Islamic Cultural Centre held on Wednesday 14th December 2016 a reception marking the end of a successful year. Guests of the Event included Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, Director General Tom Hurd of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism - UK Home Office, Paula Sussex Chief Executive of the Charity Commission and Jeremy Oppenheim Director of Safeguarding at the Home Office.

Director General Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan in his opening speech addressed the audience stressing the Centres leading role in supporting UK Mosques and Islamic Centres to integrate with society and promoting better governance and good practise of Muslim Centres in England and Wales. Dr. Al Dubayan also played tribute to the Charity Commission for supporting and partnering in training sessions and workshops for Islamic Centres held in the Centre.

The Centre has welcomed over 4,200 New Muslims in the centre which have participated in lectures, Islamic Studies lessons and different actives of the Centre over the past two years. Dr Al Dubayan also commented on the youth programmes in the Centre such as the Hikmah Programme which allows youth to be exposed to the correct image of Islam in preventing radicalisation. Moreover, the interfaith activities allow for a better understanding of Islam and promote good relationships and mutual appreciation between worshippers of all faiths. Dr Al Dubayan congratulated all for all their diligence and efforts in supporting the mission and vision of the centre for a better society as a whole.

Commissioner Hogan-Howe played tribute to Dr Al Dubayan and the Islamic Cultural centre on its outreach work on supporting the community and teachings of peace and tolerance; Commissioner Hogan-Howe also highlighted how Islam and Christianity share common principles which include tolerance, peace and humanity. Commissioner Hogan-Howe stated that the event serves as a reminder of unity between faiths and beliefs especially at a time of increased conflict and division across the world. Commissioner Hogan-Howe paid special thanks to Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan and The centre for their tireless work in bringing the community together and providing pivotal leadership to the community.

Chief executive Paola Sussex, commented on the efforts of the charity commission over the past twelve months stating more than 160,000 charities are regulated by the commission in their steadfast mission to promote standards and regulations with the charities. The Centre is a pivotal tool in accessing the wider Muslim community Ms Sussex added. The training workshop held in the centre last week with over 120 Islamic organisations on Trustees role and governance training was a testament of the great work both organisations are cooperating in. Ms. Sussex thanked her colleagues and the Islamic Cultural Centre for all the hard work and steadfast approach throughout the year and wished everyone a belated end of year wishes.

Representatives of the UK Home Office, Tom Hurd and Jeremy Oppenheim echoed the kind words expressed to the Centre by Commissioner Hogan-Howe and his colleagues. The Islamic Cultural Centre was described as a tower of strength in supporting community cohesion with the community and with different faith leaders through its interfaith dialogue projects and scriptural reasoning to promote better understanding of Islam.

Mr Abdullah AlWenayyan - Political Affairs Attache - representing the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr Khalid Al Duwaisan of The Embassy of The State of Kuwait presented an award of appreciation to the Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. Mr Khalid Aljerman presented a token of appreciation of behalf of the Embassy of The United Arab Emirates to Ms Paula Sussex. Finally Mr Saud Al-Hamdan Head of Islamic Affairs representing the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia presented an award to the Home Office representative on behalf of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Nawaf.


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