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14 Apr 2024

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Islam & Democracy - Civic Responsibility

Thursday 26th January 2017

The Islamic Cultural Centre in collaboration with the UK Home Office held the first of four community question sessions under the theme of Islam and democracy; civic responsibility on Thursday 26th January 2017 in the library Conference Hall.

The event was attended by Trustees of the Centre, Cultural attaches, academics, researchers and many youths. With the sole aim of promoting dialogue to support the knowledge and understanding of the audience members in relation to pertinent issues as well as to provide communities with the opportunity to ask questions to specialists and government representatives and to offer their own views and reflections. The event was also designed to guide grievances towards positive and legitimate channels of democracy.

Each panellist was presented with a certain time frame to present relevant views and points in relation to the theme of Islam and democracy which was followed by question and answer session and then dinner.

The event was opened by Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan, Director General of the Islamic Cultural Centre. In Dr Al Dubayan's opening speech he addressed the audience and highlighted how the morals and teachings of Islam does promote democracy and stressed on the pertinence of this forum in addressing the challenges and common misconceptions with democracy and provide the opportunity for detailed question and answer sessions with the panellists.

The 'Islam and Democracy/Civic Responsibility' event is a response to two local concerns expressed by some community members. The first is theological: specifically, a concern that Muslims cannot be both British and Muslim and that Muslims should not engage in mainstream British society, including democratic processes. The second is practical: even if individuals want to become more engaged in society and affect change it is not possible and there are no opportunities to do so. The event sought to challenge such narratives and to highlight the importance of democratic and civic engagement, from a theological and practical perspective, and the ways in which this can be achieved

Panel Chairman Hassan Mujtaba Explained the parameters of the discussion and how the discussion will be run and invited the speakers onto the stage to present their key points to the audience.

Rehman Chishti MP covered 'How to affect change locally and nationally - ways to engage with society and the importance and benefits of democratic participation'.

Sheikh Chowdhury gave a Theological discussion regarding 'the importance of participation in society and a deconstruction of arguments about non-engagement'.

Hashi Mohamed spoke about the 'Importance of engagement with the democratic process at a local level - practical ways to do so'.

Speeches were preceded by a half-hour question and answer session with the audience and Dr Al Dubayan concluded by thanking all for their attendance and participation within the Forum and was delighted to see such engagement and enthusiasm during the evening. Dr. Al Dubayan paid tribute to the Trustees of the Centre for their invaluable support in the activities of the Centre and thanked the UK Home Office for their collaboration in the Event and also thanked his colleagues in the Islamic Cultural Centre for their hard work and diligence in preparation of the event.


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