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14 Apr 2024

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The Annual General Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Cultural Center London

02 November 2018

The Annual General Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Cultural Center, in the presence of the ambassadors of 11 Islamic countries was held on Thursday 2 November 2018 at The Islamic Cultural Centre and The London Central Mosque Trust.

The Deputy Head of the Mission of the Kingdom's Embassy in the United Kingdom, Saud bin Nasser Al-Hamdan, expressed his admiration for the excellent results achieved by the Centre with the British official bodies, civil society organizations and various Muslim communities, an achievement appreciated by Islamic embassies and communities.

For his part, the Chairman of the Islamic Center in London, Ambassador of Kuwait in Britain Khalid Al-Duwaisan, said that the ambassadors represented in the Islamic Center in London are doing more work to provide more services and support to build bridges of good relations and tolerance and the representation of Islam in British society, Many of the noble works in the religious, cultural, social and educational fields and we greatly support these efforts.

He added that the Islamic Center in London is a reflection of Islam, tolerant and open to the others, this is true Islam in the sense of compassion and cohesion and communication with others, in addition to the Center not only communicate with Muslims only, but open channels of dialogue with the rest of followers of religions and communities.

Dr. Ahmed Al Dubayan, Director of The Islamic Cultural Centre, explained that the meeting came to discuss the annual financial and administrative reports of the Center. He pointed out that the Center was able to provide more services this year. The Center's services have reached tens of thousands of people, and the Zakat service, for example, has reached hundreds of families, refugees and prisoners. The Center also distributed more than 30,000 copies of the Koran in 36 languages.

He pointed out that the Islamic Cultural Center is working to accomplish many of which serves Muslims and non-Muslims in Britain in all religious, cultural and educational fields. The Trustees were thanked for their invaluable support and in return they praised the work of the Director General and the Centre for its great efforts on providing outstanding services to society and the successful running of the Centre.

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