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14 Apr 2024

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Gathering of Faith Leaders in the Islamic Cultural Centre after the Manchester Attack

24 May 2017

In light of recent terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom the Islamic Cultural Centre in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police held a gathering amongst faith leaders from different faiths and cultures to show solidarity in community.

The Event took place after the terrorist attack in Manchester last night and a stand of solidarity within the British Community and was attended by more than 50 people from the religious leaders of the Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu and other communities and religious sects. Director General Dr. Ahmad Al Dubayan expressed his heartfelt tribute to the families affected by the tragic incident and offered his condolences to them. He stressed the importance of standing together with all communities of society, and to stand side by side against violence and extremism.

Dr. Al Dubayan talked about the need to safeguard and properly educate the youth and families in our society to ensure positive awareness to conveyed and to enhance the image of religion that some people are keen to distort. He thanked in his speech, the police and emergency services for their quick response and their high efforts to rescue those affected.

Sheikh Mohammed Ismail, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Scholars in the UK said that what happened in Manchester has nothing to do with Islam and that the attackers sought to sabotage and corrupt our society. Sh. Ismail stressed that this has nothing to day with religion and strongly condemned the attack.

The representative of the Shia Community Yusuf al-Khoei, the representative of the Jewish Community Rabbi Herschel Glock OBE , Father Anders - Vicar of St John's Wood and representative of Hindu Dr. Satya Minhas and other faith leaders delivered brief and expressive words to the audience expressing their condolences to all those affected and their solidarity in unity against violence, hatred and intolerance. The faith leaders talked about the importance of standing together and the need for such a good initiatives from the ICC and other faith organisations to attract society together to condemn the attacks and help foster a stronger and more secure society.

Commander Mak Chisthy of the Metropolitan Police delivered the message of the police who are in service of the greater society and the importance of gathering of religions to represent the strong relations and harmony present amongst each other.

Commander Chisthy added how this stand today shows how different cultures and religions share a common principle that these extremist attacks do not divide us but just confirm we are one as a community. Commander Chishty hoped that Faith Leaders can send strong messages to their communities to safeguard the youth and have stronger integration within society as means of countering the extremist narrative.

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