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14 Apr 2024

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Arabic Manuscripts Day Celebration at The Islamic Cultural Centre

20 April 2019

The Islamic Cultural Center in London held a cultural day to celebrate the Arabic manuscript. The occasion comes as part of the invitation of the Arab League through the Manuscript Institute in Cairo for an annual World Day in April of each year.

The title of this year was chosen to be "The Exiled Manuscripts". In April 2019, about twenty universities and cultural and intellectual institutions in the Arab world participated in the program in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Tunisia, UAE, Qatar, Morocco and Algeria.

The Islamic Cultural Center in London participated in this international Arab cultural event because of its interest in the responsibility of Arab culture and its role in spreading knowledge to the new generation and the British west.

The program included an opening speech delivered by the Deputy Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in London, Rawda Al Otaibi, in which she explained the importance of the subject and the cultural responsibility to all in caring for the Arab heritage, especially the manuscript, and thanked the Center for its interest.

This was followed by a lecture by Dr. Akram Hamdan on the transmission of manuscripts to Britain, the role of orientalists, Western consuls and travelers. He also listed a number of the names of the written collections acquired by the British Museum from a number of scientific figures.

This was followed by a lecture by Dr. Ahmed Al Dubyan on "Manuscript Heritage: Challenges and Opportunities"; in which he mentioned the extension of world heritage, problems of dispersion, indexing and maintenance, and the reasons for its transmission.

He also mentioned the responsibility of the cultural authorities and the nation to confirm their identity through the interest in the manuscript heritage. He praised the individual initiatives of men who appreciated this heritage and took care of it. Al-Majid founded the Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai, who served in the field of publishing and photocopying manuscripts internationally, and Sheikh Ahmad Zaki Yamani at the Al-Furqan Foundation for Islamic Heritage in London, which served in the field of cataloging and investigating admirably, J Kuwait in establishing Al-Babtain Center for Heritage, and many others.

The exhibition was accompanied by an exhibition of manuscript catalogs published by Al-Furqan Foundation in London, with a workshop accompanying the Iraqi calligrapher Bahnam Behriz, in which he exhibited some paintings and a series of Arabic fonts.

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