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14 Apr 2024

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End of Year Celebration for the Arabic Course

21 July 2019

On Sunday the 21st of July 2019, London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre ended the academic year for the Arabic course with a celebration that included food, speeches and giving certificates.

Adults from different ages and backgrounds who started the course back in September, attended the event to celebrate their achievements and said their final goodbyes.

About 40 students attended the event on the day which started with the Head of Education of the ICC, Ahmed Limam, giving few words on the importance of education and from that he touched on the value of learning a new language and how much it adds to the life of the individual.

He also gave the students the chance to give their feedback on their courses which was mainly positive; however it was pointed out the importance of using the ICT to support the learning for the students. The students took this chance to thank their teachers who were present in the meeting.

Students and staff enjoyed a complimentary buffet after the pray. They took the chance to share their good memories, laughs and wishes during the meal while they were sat in one big group. Strong connection was noticed amongst students and teachers.

For the last part of the event, Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan, The Director General of the ICC, joined the event to emphasise the importance of learning languages nowadays and how it would help in opening new doors and paths. He also focused on the importance of Arabic language for Muslims in order to understand the Qur'an. Quoting Dr Ahmad: "learning a language is not an easy thing to do, a language can't be easy sometimes and each language can be difficult in its own way.

Arabic is a pretty nice language when you get more advanced, reading Arabic literature would add more taste to it by practising and speaking which are the key. Well done for all of your achievements, we are proud of how far you have gone!"

Individuals were called by their teacher, received their certificates and took a picture. The day ended with representative students standing on the stage and sharing their feedback about their learning and happy memories.


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