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14 Apr 2024

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Islamic Culture Centre Celebrates the International Manuscript Day

Saturday 7th April 2018

The annual celebration of the International Day of the Arabic manuscript was held by The Islamic Cultural Centre London in coordination with the Institute of Arabic Manuscripts in Cairo and ALECSO in Tunisia. Dr Dubayan pointed out the importance of the occasion in light of the new generation of manuscripts.

Dr. Ahmed Al Dubayan, Director General of the Islamic Cultural Centre spoke during the ceremony about the heritage and manuscript and why we care about it and its relevance to identity and the importance of defining the new generation of manuscript heritage, which extends from China to France and is now located in a number of museums and universities of the world, estimated at three to five million manuscripts and our duty to the nation's spirit and culture .

The ceremony was attended by Lord Mohammed Sheikh, a member of the House of Lords, who thanked the Islamic Cultural Centre and ALECSO and called for increasing awareness of this important heritage and working on highlighting it and holding more such cultural events in the future.

The Islamic Center thanked the director of ALECSO and the Institute of Manuscripts for their interest in conveying the occasion to the awareness of the communities in the West to make them aware of the value of this heritage registered in Arabic, which contributed thousands of scientists from all nations.

Mr Sali Shahsivari, Managing Director of Al-Furqan Foundation for Islamic Heritage in London, reviewed the history of the Foundation and its work in the field of cataloging, classification, manuscripts investigation, the discovery of the libraries of West Africa and the establishment of Makassed Al-Sharia, Makkah and Madinah ...

The Centre then presented a video film on Arab and Islamic heritage and on the efforts of translation from Arabic to Latin and the influence of Arabs in the history of science.

The manuscript exhibition, which included a number of manuscripts and written plates from China, Kashmir, Turkey, Morocco, Andalusia and Africa, was opened on the sidelines of the celebration to show the technical aspects of manuscript lines and the art of gilding and decorating manuscripts. The material was presented by special collections of Ahmad Al Dubiyan, Huda al-Mazroui and Mahmoud al-Hariri.

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