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23 Jul 2024

Islamic Quarterly

The Islamic Quarterly is published since 1954 by the Islamic Cultural Centre, London.

Many leading Muslim and non-Muslim Scholars from universities and institutions across the globe contribute regularly on matters relating to Islamic Law, Culture and Arts. The journal at the same time focuses on the academic and intellectual research in the field of Islamic history and all other aspects of Islamic thought & civilization. The Islamic Quarterly has a world-wide distribution mostly to universities, libraries and academic institutions. Individual subscribers are also welcomed.

Over the years the IQ journal has proved invaluable towards the understanding of Islam and Muslim culture. The journal is available through annual subscription only. Back issues are also available.

For all information related to the IQ journal, please contact the editor, Dr. Ahmad Al-Dubayan on

Please Click Here to download a subscription form.

Your articles are welcomed

Contributors are kindly requested to submit their papers in digital format, on CD-Rom or via email to

Materials will only be accepted in Microsoft Word format. If you use special characters, please also submit the fonts used.

We recommend you to use the font "HARF KFCPHQ" as attached here (click the right mouse button and select 'save target/link as')

Kind request to all writers, please try as much as possible to use only those transliteration symbols as listed here

To find out more about the contents (authors & their articles) of the recent journals click on the following links:

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Volume 66-3 Cover
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Volume 63-3; Article 1
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Volume 63-3; Article 3
Volume 63-3; Article 4
Volume 63-3; Article 5

Volume 62-1 (2018) - Special Volumes
6th International Conference on "Islamic Jurisprudence (ICIJ 2017) 21-23 Feb 2017"
Organiser: International Islamic University Malaysia


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